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Commissioned projects

It's early 2022, and once again I'm present to how much I enjoy the creative process

of using fabric to bring images to life that soothe, delight, and empower!

These are two recently commissioned Art Quilts (wall hangings).

I'm excited to do more. Please contact me if you're interested! 

A Musical Journey


"You “captured it” right on target! It could not have been any closer! It is truly like looking thru a window into my life! And this will be treasured forever! Thank you again Judith! Honored to have your beautiful work in my home!"
                                        That Handpan Lady
                                        March 24, 2022

evolutionary landscape (25" x 33")

2 2.jpeg

"Thank you Judith!!! I am so excited to bring your work of art into my home! It was sooo fun to work/play with you in the process of your creation. The way you included and danced with my vision and the way you brought your artistry into play together was such a delightful process!!


I encourage anyone interested in a piece created by Judith to get in touch with her. You won’t be disappointed!!" 


Cheryl Ulrich

January 14, 2022

lioness blessing 2 (19.5" x 21.5"


Repurposing Retired Ties

Dan retired at the end of 2020, and wanted a wall hanging made from his collection of now "retired" work ties.
He asked for a wooded landscape with wolves, an eagle and a hawk. 

The images below show the creative process unfolding.
Open an image to see full screen.

"Altering Perspectives"

 Beautifully designed, images - such as paper collages or photographs of flowers -
can be transferred to fabric and incorporated into art quilts.
Enjoy examples in the slideshow below.

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custom power designs for your favorite outerwear

Open the image to see more examples.

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