Interview with Sylvian
The Handpan Podcast

Finding Your Voice with Judith Lerner (35:42 min)

Inspired by the resonance of the

“singing steel”, Judith performs solo

as well as improvises with an

assortment of musical friends.

She brings a lifetime of musical

self-expression and passion for

“delighting in exquisite exchange”

to making music with, and for, others.


As a duo, she and Colin Foulke are The Dimples. Their Shop Sessions album is featured on the sound track of an indie film, "Angel in the Waiting Room".

judith web bw.png

In collaboration with two musician friends, Judith has facilitated Magic of Music Workshops that provide a springboard into musical improvisation, whatever the level of ones’ previous musical experience. She also performs with the Occidental Community Choir

as a guest percussionist.


Sharing the magic of the handpan, Judith gives lessons, offers Vibrational Resonance Sound

Healing™, ART PLAY Sessions and takes every opportunity to improvise, collaborate,

and play with other musicians. 

To listen and purchase Judith's CD's please click on bandcamp logo


Please enjoy a taste of the Shop Sessions album, and other music videos.