Vibrational Resonance Sound Healing™

Heart  Opening

 An "on body," heart opening, physical, mental, emotional, and energetic experience accessing a deep level of healing, relaxation, and release. The handpan is placed on either your stomach or back, and spontaneous compositions, unique to each individual, are channeled with intuitive mindfulness.

The vibrations and integrated overtones resonate internally, touching

you on multiple levels: emotional, physical, energetic, and often spiritual. People report going into a meditative state. Imagine your mind taking a mental journey to places deep within, your “chatter brain” going on holiday, and your body relaxing as stress and tension releases with ease.


With proper equipment, while not “on body,” virtual sessions may be possible remotely by phone or over the internet. Recordings of sessions available on request. Sessions are in 20 minute increments, up to an hour.​                                           

 "My whole body resonated to the sounds she played and I immediately relaxed, letting go of all mental, emotional and physical tensions. It was a fully sensory, embodied and deeply healing massage."

Beryl Minkle      

"Everything is energy

and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency

of the reality you want

and you cannot help

but get that reality.

It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy.

This is physics."

Albert Einstein

"It was a new kind of 

relaxation. I found myself 

drifting off into a new sphere

of relaxed awareness.

Thank you, Judith, for a unique

experiences that was 

truly transformative"

Mary Knysh

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