I'm located in Sonoma County , an hour north of San Francisco, California.

It is my delight to create opportunities and experiences that inspire and encourage relatedness, communication,

creativity and collaboration. Intentional mindful listening is the connective thread that runs through all of my creative expressions as a quilt artist, musician, performer, facilitator, writer and business coach.   

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A classically trained violinist, I transitioned to "fiddling around" in improv jam sessions with friends.

Drawn to the expression, freedom and energy of African drumming and drum circles, I started playing the Djembe

in 1995. Looking on line for a kalimba in 2012, I randomly clicked on a YouTube Video of a street performer.

Instantly captivated by the instrument he was playing, I was thrilled to get my first handpan three months later.

Now I count myself fortunate to be part of an international community of "handpan enthusiasts."

Traveling to handpan gatherings around the U.S., England & Australia, I perform and facilitate workshops

that encourage the delight of spontaneous musical conversations.


Inspired by the resonance of the “singing steel”, 

I perform solo as well as improvise with an assortment of musical friends.

 I bring a lifetime of musical self-expression and a passion for “delighting in exquisite exchange” to making music with,

and for, others. Colin Foulke and I are The Dimples and our Shop Sessions album is featured

on the sound track of an indie film, Angel in the Waiting Room.


In collaboration with two musician friends, I co-facilitate Magic of Music Workshops that provide a springboard

into musical improvisation, whatever the level of ones’ previous musical experience. On occasion,

I perform with the Occidental Community Choir as a guest percussionist.


Sharing the magic of the handpan, I offer Vibrational Resonance Sound Healing™

and take every opportunity to improvise, collaborate, and play with other musicians. 


 "Finding Your Voice" with Judith Lerner

A Podcast Interview by Sylvian

Interested in having handpan music at your event or venue? I perform solo and with friends

locally in restaurants, weddings, art shows, gallery & business openings, and yoga classes.

I have traveled to Hawaii and Mexico to play at yoga retreats.

I look forward to hearing how I might share the spirit-moving music of my heart with you.

Enamored with the handpan? I give lessons in person and online.

Please enjoy a taste of the Shop Sessions album, and other music videos.


 VRSH is an "on body," heart opening, physical, mental,

emotional, and energetic experience accessing a deep level

of healing, relaxation, and release. The handpan is placed on either your stomach or back, and spontaneous compositions, unique to each individual, are channeled with intuitive mindfulness.

The vibrations and integrated overtones resonate internally, touching you on multiple levels: emotional, physical, energetic, and often spiritual. People report going into a meditative state.

Imagine your mind taking a mental journey to places deep within, your “chatter brain” going on holiday, and your body relaxing as stress and tension releases with ease.


With proper equipment, while not “on body,” virtual sessions may be possible remotely by phone or over the internet. Recordings of sessions available on request. Sessions are in 20 minute increments, up to an hour.​                                           

 "My whole body resonated to the sounds she played and I immediately relaxed, letting go of all mental, emotional and physical tensions. It was a fully sensory, embodied and deeply healing massage."

Beryl Minkle     October 3, 2016 

"It was a new kind of relaxation I found myself drifting off into a new sphere of relaxed awareness.

Thank you Judith, for a unique experience that was truly transformative."                     

Mary Knysh   April 28, 2016

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot

help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Albert Einstein



Referred to as sound sculptures by the original creators, handpans, a relative of the Steel Pan,

were invented in Switzerland in 2000. Played by hand, they have 7 or more outer notes,

a central tone field (DING), and come in a wide variety of exotically named scales.

With beautiful harmonics and overtones, the enchanting sound of these instruments

bewitches everyone who hears them. Hardcase Technologies has put together a

Google Handpan Makers World Map. Sound quality and cost varies with each maker.

If you are interested in acquiring a handpan, additional research is recommended.


The inspirations for DreamMaker Art Quilts come from my imagination and

(in the case of commissioned pieces) from listening to you describe a vision, image, intention,

or desire that you want depicted with fabric. Masterful at blending multicolored printed fabrics,

I create vibrant, whimsical pieces that speak to that which connects us to each other, the planet,

and our personal sources of power. Referred to by some as "eye candy," 

I invite you to enjoy this slideshow of my work.

In the early 1970’s, a neighbor in Southern California showed me the collection of quilts she had in a steamer trunk. While she sent me home with a couple of traditional quilt patterns, it didn’t take long before I veered from the traditional. By the mid 1970’s I was using fabric from used clothing to create images of the rolling hills and sheep pastures that surrounded me in Northern California. What Aunt Dessie started turned into a lifelong love of playing with fabric to create vibrant, boldly colorful, and delightfully whimsical Art Quilts.


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