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  Shine like a star
      Do all you can
           With what you have
                 In the place you are

                                             Shine like a star
                                                Do all you can
                                                     In the time you have
                                                          In the place you are

                                                                          © "Shine" by Cris Williamson 2013

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Years ago I was struck by this chorus. Now, during times

of uncertainty I find myself repeating these words often:

"Do all you can in the time you have in the place you are."

For me, this is about sharing my gift:  Channeling health and wellbeing through the vibrational resonance of Handpan music.

A Musical Journey

A classically trained violinist, Judith transitioned to "fiddling around" in improv jam sessions with friends.
Drawn to the expression, freedom and energy of African drumming and drum circles, she started playing the Djembe in 1995.
Looking on line for a kalimba in 2012, she randomly clicked on a YouTube Video of a street performer.
Instantly captivated by the instrument he was playing, Judith was thrilled to get her first handpan three months later.
Judith counts herself fortunate to be part of an international community of "handpan enthusiasts".
Traveling to handpan gatherings around the U.S., as well as England and Australia,
she has performed and facilitated workshops that encourage
the delight of spontaneous musical conversations.

A relative of the Steel Pan, these instruments 

were developed in Switzerland in 2000, and referred to as sound sculptures.

Played by hand, they have 7 or more outer notes, a central tone field (DING), and come

in a wide variety of exotically named scales.


With beautiful harmonics and overtones,

the enchanting sound of these instruments bewitches everyone who hears them.


If you are interested in acquiring

a handpan, Colin Foulke and Sylvain

are good starting points. 


And do your research, as sound, quality and cost varies with each maker.


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