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The Handpan

A classically trained violinist, Judith transitioned
to improvising and "fiddling around" in jam sessions with friends.
Drawn to the energetic expression of African drumming and
drum circles, she started playing the Djembe in 1995.

In 2012, while looking on line for a kalimba,
she randomly clicked on a street performer’s YouTube Video. Instantly captivated by the instrument he was playing,
Judith got her first handpan three months later.

If you are interested in acquiring a handpan,
or finding out more about them,

Colin Foulke  and Sylvain Paslier
are good starting points. 
Note: Do your research, as sound,
quality and cost varies with each maker.

Inspired by the resonance of the “singing steel”,
Judith is part of an international community of "handpan enthusiasts". She’s traveled to handpan gatherings around the U.S., as well as England and Australia, performing and facilitating workshops encouraging deep listening and the delight of spontaneous musical conversations.

 judith's Interview with Sylvian on the handpan podcast

Finding Your Voice with Judith Lerner

Handpan & Horses

Sharing the Magic of the Handpan

 Judith offers Vibrational Resonance Sound Healing™.

She does monthly ART PLAY Sessions with Cheryl Bell

and is available to perform at events.

Judith gives lessons by appointment and takes every opportunity to improvise, collaborate and play.

As a duo, she and Colin Foulke are The Dimples.

Their Shop Sessions album is featured on the sound track

of an indie film, "Angel in the Waiting Room".


click on bandcamp logo to purchase judith's music




Vibrational Resonance Sound Healing™

The vibrational resonance of the handpan is a heart opening, physical, mental, emotional, and energetic experience that accesses a deep level of healing, relaxation, and release.
Imagine your mind taking a mental journey to places deep within, your “chatter brain” going on holiday, and your body relaxing as stress and tension releases with ease.
Spontaneous compositions, unique to each individual, are channeled with intuitive mindfulness. Judith offers in person (the handpan placed and played on your back or stomach) or virtual (remotely over the internet via Zoom) sessions with a recording of your personal session emailed to you.

Contact Judith for a session
$35 for 20 min.  /  $60 for 45 min.


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