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"Find The Critters"
by Judith Lerner


Judith’s first children's book gives a new format to many of the Art Quilts she's created over the years.
Her humorous poetry and vibrant designs engage the natural curiosity of children

while entertaining the adults reading to them.

Welcome to the whimsical world of Judith's imagination.

Below is a guide with the critters circled.
Open and click the arrow to view pictures in the order that they appear in the book. 

More Learning Ideas

The poetry has factoids

that may be the starting point for conversations
about nature, animals, and our environment.


In Majestic Elephants,

we learn that groups of elephants

are referred to as herds, parades,

and sometimes memories.

So, think about it.

What are groups of other critters and living things called?

For instance:

•  a murder of crows

•  a pride of lions

•  a pod of whales or dolphins

•  a bale of turtles.

•  geese flying are a flock,

geese on the ground are a gaggle.

•  a forest of trees

•  a tribe of people

•  a field of flowers

•  a cartload or troup of monkeys


What else can you think of?

What colors and shapes can you find

within the design?


Discover & Have Fun

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