A New Children's Book...from the beginning

Giving many of the Art Quilts she’s created over the years
a new format, Judith’s first children's book
is intended to engage the natural
curiosity of children while entertaining
the adults reading to them.

The poetry has factoids which can be the starting point
for conversations about nature, animals,
and our environment.

"Find The Critters"
by Judith Lerner

cover only.jpg

Here, in the same order as they appear in the book, are pictures of each Art Quilt with the critters circled.

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and hover on the bottom for the title of the art quilt.

Cosmic Critter Convergence (23)
Cosmic Critter Convergence (23)

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Manatees in Space (5)
Manatees in Space (5)

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Dream Watchers Oasis (3)
Dream Watchers Oasis (3)

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Cosmic Critter Convergence (23)
Cosmic Critter Convergence (23)

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In Majestic Elephants, we learn that groups of elephants are referred to as herds,

parades, and sometimes memories.

Plants and vegetation can also be grouped, as in fruit or vegetables.

In addition to playing with counting the critters, you can explore the colors and shapes within the designs.

So, having entered the whimsical world of Judith’s imagination you’ve been enjoying “Find The Critters”

with your young one.

If you are stumped looking for all the crittersthat are, as the poem says,

in a particular Art Quilt,

you’ve come to the right place.

By the way, thank you for following the suggestion to come to my website.

What are groups of other critters and living things called? A flock of geese, a murder of crows, a pride of lions, a pod of whales or dolphins, a bale of turtles.

You can talk about groupings of people (family, tribe, team, etc.), or trees being a forest,and a small group of trees being a woodland, or an orchard, or (surprise) a squadron.