DreamMaker Custom Art Quilts

Inspirations for DreamMaker Art Quilts come from Judith's imagination, and in the case of commissioned pieces,

from listening to her client describe a vision, image, intention, or desire they'd like depicted with fabric.


Masterful at blending multicolored printed fabrics,

she creates vibrant, whimsical pieces that speak to that

which connects us to each other, the planet, and our personal sources of power. Referred to by some as "eye candy", please enjoy the slideshow of Custom Art Quilts.

In the early 1970’s, a neighbor in Southern California showed Judith a collection of quilts she had in a steamer trunk. While the neighbor, Aunt Dessie, sent her home with a couple of traditional quilt patterns, it didn’t take long before Judith veered from the traditional.

In the late '70’s she recycled  fabric from used clothing to create images of the rolling hills and sheep pastures that surrounded her in Northern California. What Aunt Dessie started turned into a lifelong love of playing with fabric to create vibrant, boldly colorful, and delightfully whimsical Art Quilts.