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Why quilting?

In the early 1970’s, a neighbor in Southern California showed Judith

a collection of quilts she had in a steamer trunk.

While the neighbor, Aunt Dessie, sent her home with

a couple of traditional quilt patterns,

it didn’t take long before Judith veered from the traditional.

By the late '70’s she was recycling fabric

from used clothing to create images of the rolling hills and sheep pastures that surrounded her in Northern California.

What Aunt Dessie started turned into a lifelong love of playing with fabric to create delightfully whimsical Art Quilts.

Open the image below to enjoy the DreamMaker Art Quilts Slideshow referred to by some as "eye candy”.

Note from Judith

Inspirations for DreamMaker Art Quilts come from my imagination, and in the case of commissioned pieces,

from listening to my client describe a vision, image, intention, or desire they'd like depicted with fabric.

My art speaks to what connects us to each other, the planet, and our personal sources of power.


I love the creative process of using fabric to bring images to life that soothe, delight, and empower!

Here are some recently commissioned Art Quilts. I'm excited to do more.

Please contact me if you're interested! 


Commissioned Projects

"A Musical Journey"

"You “captured it” right on target! It could not have been any closer! It is truly like looking thru a window into my life! And this will be treasured forever! Thank you again Judith! Honored to have your beautiful work in my home!"                                    
That Handpan Lady                                       
March 24, 2022

"Evolutionary Landscape"

"Thank you Judith!!! I am so excited to bring your work of art

into my home! It was sooo fun to work/play with you

in the process of your creation. The way you included and

danced with my vision and the way you brought your artistry

into play together was such a delightful process!!

I encourage anyone interested in a piece created by Judith

to get in touch with her. You won’t be disappointed!!" 


Cheryl Ulrich

January 14, 2022

A Believer's Heart Crop.jpg


"A Believer's Heart, The Tabernacle of God"

"It arrived!! It's absolutely gorgeous. So much more beautiful than I was able to see on our FaceTime call. You picked the perfect thread for quilting in the uppermost clouds.  The hint of sparkly is magical. WOW!  I am blown away. How exquisite! You are an amazing multi talented artist."

March 2023



Repurposed Fabric Ties

Dan retired and wanted a wall hanging made from his collection of now "retired" work ties.
He asked for a wooded landscape with wolves, an eagle and a hawk.

ties cropped.jpg
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